Interesting Facts of Jakarta City Indonesia


  1. City with large numbers of mall
    Like you can see in the description about the famous areas in Facts About Jakarta, they generally filled up with kinds of selection of malls. There are a variety of malls in here, not such as the bigger one. And surprisingly, there are numbers of new malls too in this.
  2. Having 47 Museums
    Jakarta also known for city for shopping only, it also famed for its famous museums. There is an assortment of museums that got the folks ’s attention, like The Museum of Indonesian Bank, then National Museum. And don’forget the museums situated in Old Town Jakarta.

  3. A Town with Province Status
    This city is also the same like the Yogyakarta city, which will be areas on its own region. Much like that city, Jakarta based from the province that individuals called as DKI or Daerah Khusus Ibukota, the distinctive capital province.
  4. City with largest station in ASEAN
    Well, a long time then, the station of Jakarta Kota was actualy the largest train station of all ASEAN nations. It even surpassed the famed station in Malaysia, Thailand, or Singapore, which will be consisting for about 580 trains passing by each and every day.
  5. 10 times changing names
    The name Jakarta isn’t the primary name of the city. The city itself has numerous names. For instance, its name was Sunda Kelapa, Sta Batavia, Gemenente Batavia, along with other names. However, the most famous other name of Jakarta is Batavia. That’s why, some people even call Jakarta as the Old Batavia.
  6. The most active twitter users are available in there
    And for its netizen, Jakarta has so many twitter users inside its area. Even, the people start to bring up some trending topics on Twitter. For the album, the nation of Indonesia has about 5,six million consumers of Twitter.
  7. Monas or Monument National, isn’t a mascot
    Some said that the mascot of Jakara city is Monas. However, its only a monumet to represent the glory of Indonesia, and not the resemblance of Jakarta city. Well, the authentic mascots of Jakarta are the Bondol Eagle and Salak Condet, Which Are based in the area of Cempaka Putih.
  8. City with so many tower buildings
    Due to the land isg getting increasingly more smaller, then the developers don’t have a lot option than to increase the ground level more to be able to improve the building. In Jakarta, there are lots of high buildings. And thanks to this, Jakarta places seventeenth city which has very high tower buildings or skyscrappers.
  9. More Javanese individuals than Betawi
    Even Though the Betawi is always something in Jakarta, the people of Betawi is lesser than the actual Javanese individuals in Jakarta.